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Health Ahoy! – Healthy and hygienic ships

The aim of the Health Ahoy! project is that Satakunta's extensive know-how in indoor hygiene will be utilized in the future in the construction of even safer ships in terms of health. The project strengthens Satakunta's expertise in indoor hygiene and increases the business potential of companies.

The project has ended.


1.3.2021 – 31.8.2023

Total budget

200,000 €

The Regional Council of Satakunta, ERDF

140,000 €


33,000 €

Infections are a serious threat to human health on ships where a lot of people are in a closed space. By reducing infections on ships, the costs and loss of image caused by epidemics are reduced. In addition, profitability and the attractiveness of cruises are increased.

The shipbuilding industry needs a new perspective of indoor hygiene for planning, as well as cooperation with companies that produce products and solutions that improve indoor hygiene. The Health Ahoy! project meets this need.

The main implementer of the project is Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and a partial implementer is Turku University of Economics, Pori unit.


Senior Reseacher
Riika Mäkinen
tel. 044 710 3064

Project objectives

  • To strengthen innovation and know-how in indoor hygiene in Satakunta.
  • To bring indoor hygiene into attention in the design and construction phase of shipbuilding, as well as in use and maintenance.
  • To elevate indoor hygiene as a competitive advantage and a field of specialization in the shipbuilding industry and in other companies related to the industry.
  • To improve indoor hygiene of ships, reduce the spread of infections and therefore improve the everyday safety of passengers and staff.

Project activities

  • Survey of the present situation within indoor hygiene and design of indoor hygiene in shipbuilding, as well as planning, development and publication of new design guidelines.
  • Making an animation of a ship, where hygiene is taken into account with different solutions, as well as planning a real model space and possible implementation in the ship environment.
  • Creating an overall picture of hygiene business operators and technologies related to the sector.



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