Cooperation network

Research Center WANDER has a large cooperation network with hundreds of companies and organizations.

WANDER started its activities in 2005. Since then, it has cooperated with over 300 organizations. Cooperation network consists of companies from Satakunta region, Finland, Europe and outside of European Union. Cooperation is based on strong research expertise and experience of different funding options.

One example of cooperation with Finnish companies is participation to national preparative work on CPDW product approval methods and representing the company perspective in negotiations. We have been part of a technical committee CEN/TC164 Water Supply Support Group, followed the standardization of water system products. We were members in the working group CEN/TC164/WG3 Effects of materials in contact with drinking water. Essential themes in these groups were: listing the metallic and organic materials in contact with drinking water approved at the EU level, different tests on materials and producta, and Nordic cooperation.

Research Center WANDER has given expert advice for several international companies on suitability of a product to be used for drinking water. We have been mandated to assess the results of confidential international test reports and their suitability for drinking water in Finland. Material types in question have included organic, metallic and cement materials. Focus was put on chemical and microbiological tests and studies on raw materials or composition lists.

Research Center WANDER has cooperated in RDI with various Finnish, Estonian, Swedish companies, and other stakeholders in the field of hygiene in built indoor spaces since 2011. Especially the Finnish company network is very strong in this field, and the leading Finnish companies have joined their expertise and created the first hygiene product set for public spaces in the world (Hygtech Alliance). Research Center WANDER with its partners aims at developing the export of hygiene products and concepts to Saudi Arabia.

Riika Mäkinen seurueineen Saudi-Arabiassa.