About us

In Research Center WANDER we focus on water, materials in contact with water and solutions that improve hygiene in indoor spaces. WANDER offers expert services for companies and other actors. WANDER is one of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences Research Centers.


Research Center WANDER is a leading expert in Finland in interaction of water with different materials. We manage high quality scientific research, which is invariably based on interdisciplinary know-how, management of the latest scientific research data as well as excellent knowledge on the research area. We research household water supply, industrial process water, for instance in food industry, wastewater, and natural water sources. Our knowledge includes interaction phenomena, microbiology, quality of water, risk management, product standardization and acceptance procedures. Sustainable development and environmental responsibility are parts of our know-how.

Research Center WANDER has actively developed hygiene in indoor spaces, and a cluster around this hygiene. We have successfully studied and developed products and solutions that improve hygiene in indoor spaces in cooperation with other central research centers and companies in the same field for nearly ten years. WANDER has been a partner in building Living Lab research spaces where studies about water and indoor environment are carried out.

Research Center WANDER works in cooperation with companies, either in EU funded or nationally funded projects, or directly with a company mandate.

Research focuses are:

  • water and materials in contact with water
  • products and solutions that improve hygiene in indoor spaces
A woman pipetting in a laboratory wearing a white coat.