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HEAL – Healthier life with comprehensive indoor hygiene concept

The HEAL project creates a comprehensive indoor hygiene concept which combines the effects of air, surfaces, and water. The research provides knowledge and evidence on how the comprehensive indoor hygiene concept decreases the incidence of infectious diseases and thus sick days.


1.1.2022 – 31.12.2025

Total budget

910,343 €

Ministry of Education and Culture

637,240 €


273,103 €

Infections are expensive to healthcare and society in general, and they reduce the quality of life. Thus, preventing the spread of infectious microbes needs new innovations, technologies, and solutions. It is evident that one of the major ways to control the spread of infections are the aspects of indoor environment especially in public buildings.

Indoor hygiene covers all the different actions inside a building to decrease the number of harmful microbes that could transmit infections. During the 10‐year extensive research, SAMK, in collaboration with key stakeholders, has created a novel working concept of indoor hygiene that covers indoor air, surfaces, and drinking water.

In this project the current working concept is extended with new technology, such as monitoring, machine vision and data analytic tools. All the elements of indoor hygiene, from microbial burden to incidence of infectious diseases in population, are studied.


Project Manager, Researching Principal Lecturer
Merja Ahonen
tel. +358 44 710 3061

Project objectives

  • Gain scientific evidence that implementing the comprehensive indoor hygiene concept reduces human morbidity to infectious diseases and decreases sick days
  • Expand business and export of companies utilizing project results
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Create hands-on recommendations for healthier indoor environments
  • Launch an internationally recognizable and attractive Research Center for Indoor Hygiene.

Projects activities

  • Living Lab research environments will be implemented in real-life settings in cooperation with businesses that offer indoor hygiene increasing solutions.
  • Living Lab -pilots will be studied with microbiological sampling and collection of morbidity data to provide evidence on impact of the comprehensive concept on sick days.
  • Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics solutions will be utilized in tailoring the concept to different indoor environments and needs.
  • A checklist of best practices, solutions, technologies and products of the concept will be formed.


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