Co-development for better and more efficient production

7.12.2023Sari RepkaNews

Strengthening and Securing Satakunta’s Bioeconomy, BIOVAHVA, received funding from the Just Transition Fund (JTF) of Satakuntaliitto, and started its operations on 1.11.2023.

A building with a lot of glass in a field.
An AI-generated image of an innovative greenhouse on a former peat production site.

The aim of the project is to compensate for the loss of income in the local economy caused by the reduction of peat production by developing RDI activities in the bioeconomy and food chain in Satakunta. This will create new innovative business and employment opportunities in Satakunta.

The starting point for development will be Satakunta's existing strengths such as renewable energy and food production. Four strong local RDI organisations - SAMK, Prizztech, Pyhäjärvi Institute and Satafood - will participate in the co-development with entrepreneurs in these sectors.  The end result will be better and more efficient production that will benefit the whole region. The project has several sub-objectives, such as increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, reducing energy costs in the bioeconomy, increasing the use of biochar, increasing greenhouse production, enhancing the use of fertilisers and increasing the use of circular economy solutions. To achieve these objectives in Satakunta, we will apply a number of innovative technologies, such as nano-oxygen irrigation water and a new biochar solution for more efficient seedling production, the AgriPV solar photovoltaic system, the cultivation of new food, herb and medicinal plants, and the development of new bedding and materials for energy production. In addition, Satakunta bioeconomy RDI cooperation forum will be set up to continue and expand co-development.

The BIOVAHVA project is funded by the Satakunta Federation for the period 11/2023-06/2026.


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