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WETA – Water Ecosystems to Africa

Research Centre WANDER participates in the Water Ecosystems to Africa -project, managed by the Finnish Water Forum, FWF. The project promotes the export of Finnish water companies to Africa, in particular to South Africa.


17.3.2023 – 31.5.2025

Total budget, South-Savo ELY Centre

320.325 €

Funding for companies

211.462 €

Funding for SAMK

63.112 €

Project objectives

  • To increase water knowledge and support internationalization projects for Finnish water sector companies in Africa, especially in South Africa.
  • To investigate and demonstrate the impact of magnetic water treatment (MWT) on surface scale formation, corrosion phenomena and microbiological cleanliness of water systems.
  • To produce research data to support the export activities related to magnetic water treatment technologies.


Research manager
Martti Latva
tel. +358 44 710 3060

Project activities

  • Assembling three different, independent water systems, where water quality will be used to control the formation of contamination on the internal surfaces of different types of pipes using MWT technology: pitting of copper pipes, calcium scales and microbiological accumulation.
  • Demonstrating the effects of MWT on the internal surfaces of water systems.
  • Conducting a pilot study in a real operational environment to analyze the impact of MWT technology on improving energy efficiency in the water heating system of a real estate.
  • Utilizing the research knowledge to support the business objectives of relevant technology-based solutions.
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The project is funded under the Water Competence Growth and Internationalization funding programme. Project implementation by The Finnish Water Forum ry. WANDER is acting as the project´s research partner.